Logic Lingo is a team of talented translators specialized in the localization of videogames, software programs, websites, mobile phone applications and technical translations in general.

We take pride in the flexibility our team ethos allows.

We have access to reliable second opinions on any translation matters and have a bullet-proof quality assurance process.

We ensure that we meet our own high standards by entrusting work to team members who are not only native speakers of the target language but who command expertise in the relevant subject. We can assure you that conceptual accuracy will be accompanied by appropriate cultural grounding.

Logic Lingo are approachable people.
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We are a team of professional and dedicated translators with proven experience in the localization industry.

We have been working together for a number of years with software producers from all around the world; Osaka to London to North Carolina, this makes us aware of our strong points and facilitates good communication when a second opinion on any matter is needed.

Translations are our profession and passion, so we gladly put in the extra ingredients necessary to always be proud of our translations.


All our translations are double checked by a native speaker of the target language with thorough knowledge on the relevant subject. When necessary, a thorough and intensive terminology (HMT) check is performed with tools like QA Distiller, MultiTerm or Wordfast.

This is crucial in videogames, where the product has to be submitted for approval to the hardware manufacturer before hitting the market.


Our DTP specialists are professional editors with broad experience in all kind of formats and markets.


  • Trados (Workbench, Trados TagEditor, etc.)
  • SDLX
  • Wordfast
  • Déjà Vu
  • Star Transit
  • Logoport

And also other less common tools as:

  • Systrans
  • Passolo
  • OmegaT
  • Transolution
  • Across

We support all different formats known to the market.